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Platemaker PhotoPrepress

Once your printing project has been approved to proceed with production, it enters our Prepress environment. We run print files through our RIP software and use Direct-to-plate technology.

Benefits of Direct-to-Plate in Commercial Printing:

...Efficiency. Direct-to-plate printing increases the productivity of the prepress process. Each high-grade polyester plate can be created in just a few minutes. But the best part is…

…Economy. Printer's Ink saves customers money. Imposition software. Decreased film cost. Shortened processing. Less work for Printer's Ink’s expert employees in stripping, proofing, and platemaking. Faster press make-readies. The result: lower cost and faster turnaround for all Printer's Ink customers. The bottom line is about…

…Environment. Direct-to-plate printing transfers files electronically to a machine that outputs the high-grade polyester plate. Sometimes called computer-to-plate, direct-to-plate does not use the hazardous chemicals necessary for traditional platemaking and film processing.